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Seamless integration

Do your engineering teams use GitHub? Do your customer facing teams use Zendesk? Ever wished you could integrate both those tools and rely on a simple seamless workflow to escalate tickets into GitHub issues in a specific repository and keep the conversation flowing between Engineering and Support? TissueApp will let you escalate in one click and keep the Zendesk tickets and GitHub issues in complete sync.

Get all the context from Zendesk in GitHub...

Your engineers will never have to leave the tool that they prefer to use. Keep them happy in GitHub and configure TissueApp to bring all the necessary context and information they need when taking on a GitHub issue. Every comment they make on that issue or on a Pull Request will be synced back to Zendesk.

...and the context from GitHub in Zendesk

Your agents in Zendesk should be able to know what your engineers are doing when they're doing it. TissueApp will help close that loop by bringing all necessary information about the issue, who it has been assigned to or what sprint it is being worked on directly from the Zendesk Apps ticket sidebar. When they add a private comment it will be synced back to GitHub as well.

Reporting in your Zendesk

We've built TissueApp following the Zendesk philosophy. Leveraging Zendesk's tags you are able to report at any point in time on how many tickets you currently have escalated to GitHub. You can also easily build Zendesk Insights reports to see your trends over time.

Disclaimer: TissueApp is a third party company and is not affiliated with Zendesk Inc in any way


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But don't take our word for it...

TissueApp makes our escalation to our development team so much easier. Developers can keep using the tool they like and Success and Support teams can stay in Zendesk. Christopher Gooley, Founder, Preact
As founder of a technology company, being able to use the tools we love integrated seamlessly was a must have when choosing Zendesk. GitHub was not going away anytime soon in our company so TissueApp came in handy! Antoine & Alexis, Co-founders, Zenly
This is such a great App. For less than the price of a Zendesk agent per month I'm getting a great way to avoid having to buy licences for my developers. Fabien, Director of Operations, PeopleDoc

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